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40 Years Of Punk

SA 19.11.2016 Zug - Galvanik

Samstag 19. November 2016 im Galvanik Zug mit The Lurkers (UK), Vorwärts (CH) und den Lokal Matatoren Delilahs'77.
Ramones Fotoausstellung in Anwesenheit des Fotografen George Dubose.

  • Türöffnung:    19 Uhr
  • Delilahs'77     21 Uhr
  • Vorwärts         22 Uhr
  • The Lurkers    23 Uhr

  • Kulturzentrum Galvanik Zug
    Chamerstrasse 173
    6300 Zug
    Tel: 041 558 61 66
    Deliahs' 77


    Deliahs' 77 1-2-3-4! If you’ve ever got a taste of good old ’77-punkrock, you’ll never get away of it. That’s why Delilahs'77 will play this nigth a short and furious set of their most favourite punk-rock songs ever. Playing only few gigs at special clubs and events, Delilahs'77 has become more than just a fun project.
    It’s a dedication to all the punk heroes and heroines of the early years of this fantastic music and culture. The Clash, The Damned, Sham 69, The Buzzcocks, The Lurkers, Ramones, The Skids, X-Ray Spex and many more of these unforgetable acts are being played in the ’77-set.
    Hey ho, let’s go!

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