1961 - 1962, the rinkytink sound of Ra's piano in the basement of his NYC rehearsal space is one of the great hidden charms of his catalog. There it is diving in against a horn riff or making some percussion solo take a cartoonish turn. But that's not the effect this record is best known for.
One day in the early 60s drummer/engineer Tommy Hunter accidentally discovered that if he used headphones on his Ampex, he could run the line out right back into the an input jack and make a reverberant racket out of the band. You can hear them try out just some random percussion and the echo effect, and it's absolutely spaceshot. SATURN RECORDS, originally released in 1965.

Titel: Art Forms Of Dimensions
Label: Saturn
Stil: Jazz
Best-Nr.: SATURN-SR-LP-9956
Typ: LP
Preis: 39.- CHF

SUN RA - Art Forms Of Dimensions

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