Cool stuff Post-Modern Pin-Ups Pleasure Activist Playing Cards

Annie Sprinkle

Annie Sprinkle A set of oversized playing cards that pay tribute to the Pleasure Activists-an overlooked faction of the feminist movement that breaks old anti-porn feminist rules. Sex Guru/Performance Artist/Porn Star Annie Sprinkle takes the pin-up-a genre created by and for men-and turns it on its head. Sprinkle photographed 56 sheroes of the sex-positive grrrl scene and assembled it into the ultimate stacked deck. The cards feature Pleasure Artists who use sex as their subject matter (the Spades), Ecstatic Activists who challenge notions of sex and gender (the Hearts), Sexual Performers who expose the beauty of female sexuality (the Clubs), and Erotic Entrepreneurs who use their brains and guts to run their own show (the Diamonds). A 64-page booklet complete with bios of the pin-ups accompanies the set. Steven Cerio's goddess/whore card-back renders this set fully functional for a game of Acey-Deucy, Old Maid or Strip Poker. You must do a reasonable impersonation of an adult and be able to produce two types of photo ID to purchase these suckers. Beautifully published by Gates of Heck.
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