Columbian Cult movie from 1989. Authentic Thrash, Punk, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal Bands are part of this Soundtrack.
Remastered, 180 Gram, 2015 Spain pressing, sealed.

Rodrigo D (Ramiro Meneses) is a Colombian youth who aspires to join a punk-rock band. His musical skills are negligible, but Rodgrigo feels sympatico with the punkers: he's angry, alienated and destructive. A member of a motorcycle gang that robs and pillages neighboring communities (several of the "actors" were actual street kids, six of whom were killed after the movie was completed), Rodrigo ends up a "big man" only through use of brute force. He finally ends up in the notorious city of Medellin, where he finds it impossible to escape the drug-and-violence syndrome that he thought he'd left behind in the slums.

Titel: Rodrigo D. No Futuro
Stil: Soundtracks
Best-Nr.: BEAT-56
Typ: LP
Preis: 25.- CHF

VARIOUS ARTIST - Rodrigo D. No Futuro


A1 Pestes - Dinero 2:50
A2 Pestes - Nunca Triunfé 2:09
A3 Pestes - No-No 1:46
A4 Mutantex - Sin Reacción 2:20
A5 Mutantex - Ramera Del Barrio 1:55
A6 Mutantex - Estúpidas Miradas 1:40
A7 Mutantex - No Te Desanimes Mátate 2:20
A8 P-Ne -No Mas Clases 1:13
A9 Amén - Sala Negra (Heavy Metal) 4:30
B1 Ekrion - Violentas Arenas 4:40
B2 Agressor - Poseido 4:03
B3 Profanación - Profanación 3:54
B4 Dexkoncierto - Tu Futuro Es Muerte 1:27
B5 Blasfemia - Postmortem 3:12
B6 Mierda - Sucias Entrańas 1:47

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