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Paradise Ranch Patch


Paradise Ranch Nevada - Keep it under your hat ... sounds nice doesn't it? While miners flocked to the area for silver and lead in the 1800s, it was this alluring moniker that enticed aeronautical workers in the 1950s when they followed the call for adventurous employment at what was then a freshly established, mysterious airbase in the middle of nowhere.

The attractive name, coined by then Lockheed chief engineer, Kelly Johnson, worked. And with the employees, came mystery that would fall like a veil over the barren countryside and strange stories steeped in legend would become synonymous with the ranch. It was there where he and his team would secretly develop some of the most famous aircraft ever conceived.

Eventually, the base would become known as Area 51 and its reputation would become known for things other than top secret spy planes. Some stories claim otherworldly beings and craft are held at the facility, but we'll likely never know since they ...keep it under their hats.

Patch Specifications:
. Metallic Silver Thread Accents
. 4 inches width X 4 inches heigh
. Iron-on (sewing still recommended)

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