One Man one Mission. THE mission to cross over Fast Driving rock'n'roll with Elektro Trash mixed up punk rock with KRAFTWERK and DEVO, the song "I oversleep" sounds like the Stranglers having their mouth stuffed with potatoes and up the brain a electro shock of 10'000 VOLTS!
Sometimes the stuff is so ultra extremely distorted the only thing you here is a wall of noise and a melodie - sometimes. This is NO TOP 100 SHIT.
This is music from a desperate child who is against the music what is on today listening to the king, you Feel The Power to change the whole world of music TODAY!

Let him X-ray your brain!

Titel: Automatic Ray
Label: Voodoo Rhythm
Stil: Transworld Beat Punk
Best-Nr.: VRCD25
Typ: CD
Preis: 8.- CHF

KING AUTOMATIC - Automatic Ray

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Drive To Fast
Waitress Problem
I Oversleep
The Model
It Won't Start
Napoli Ribbons
Welcome To Disney World
Down in Soho
Rekord 2066
I Don't Giva Fuck Sugar Ray
The Cowboy Of Tchernobyl

Voodoo Rhythm
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