Yeats, bleeps and beats, phased phrases from frozen places. Les Pommes de Lune create contemporary chrome-coated Franco-Canadian pop music and disorientingly psychedelic utopian futurist sounds. Their first transmission, sounds recorded in the strictest secrecy, beamed up from hidden underground laboratories and plague-proof sonic research facilities, breaking out from under the cloud of covid-contagion and the perpetual cloak of cold, wintry weather in (New France!) Montréal, Quebec, Canada. Charlie, Daniel, Gaven, Sylvain and Antoine formed a year or two ago, from various sorcerous, sub-cultural sects, philosophically belligerent beat-groups and gnomic groovers, pockets of people resisting the insubstantial offerings of popular culture in favor of the electrifying esoteric. These Pommes de Lune chose instead moonlit rites and leaping lunatic delights offered by intense immersion in found sounds reverberating through the Merovingian-Gaullish-Francophonic cacophonia somehow captured on disk and kept in various archival repositories maintained by their research, experiments and explorations, which appear to be rescuing and refreshing many babies from various forgotten, filthied bath-waters in the process.
They hope you find as they have, joy in the freedom and expression available in the blurred bewildering edges of their creation's contrasts and contradictions. Nouvelle and somewhat vague, a darkly dazzling multi-colored progressive-pop, passing on perennially, a dignified antidote to whatever fresh new horrors the prevailing popular culture foists upon us. Time has indeed ever shown the wiser." ~Giles Farnaby, Esq., Winter 2022.
Les Pommes de Lune are: Charlie Houle-Belanger (chanteuse), Daniel Fiocco (guitars twangling), Gaven Dianda (bass plunking, twangling), Sylvain Arsenault (organ, synthesizers, robot Quebecois), Antoine Binette-Mercier (percussion and machines).
Originally recorded as the B-side of a 1967 single by French actress and singer Christine Delaroche, 'Une Fleur' is a lost Yé-Yé classic, enthusiastically rescued from obscurity by Les Pommes de Lune.
'Les Chimères': 'Pictures Of Matchstick Men' was among The Status Quo's finest moments, and while the song has been covered by everyone from The Slickee Boys to Camper van Beethoven, it's never been as mind-blowingly psychedelic as this inspired interpretation by Quebec's premier purveyors of Francophonic delights.
Limited edition 500 copies.

Titel: Premiere Transmission
Stil: French Cuts
Best-Nr.: HYP-035
Typ: 7 inch (Single)
Preis: 22.- CHF

LES POMMES DE LUNE - Premiere Transmission

Wichtige Mitteilung für Kunden ausserhalb der Schweiz oder Liechtenstein

Unser Schallplattensortiment wird seit 1993 in unserem Laden in St. Gallen (Schweiz) gepflegt. Aus logistischen Gründen können wir leider keine Schallplatten mehr direkt an Kunden in Deutschland, Österreich und andere Länder liefern. Wenn Du unbedingt eine unserer Platten bestellen möchtest, dann wende dich an einen Freund/in in der Schweiz oder Liechtenstein, welche/r die Bestellung für dich tätigt und die Schallplatten für dich dort direkt entgegen nimmt.

Danke für dein Verständnis.

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Une Fleur
Les Chimères

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