Hahaha, this is brilliant, just messed up, it's SICK! This is a joint production with the band and some of you may be familiar with a certain Mr B. who has published a bunch of articles and the 'ABC Of The Cramps' book over the years (in French if you're wondering). Anyway, this is what happens when you let a bunch of crazy French Cramps fanatics into a recording studio.
It's rather good, not straight covers thank fuck (had enough of those to last several lifetimes).
It's dedicated to the sorely missed Gildas Cosperec (Nineteen, Dig It, Shoo Chain Bros and all round R'n'R bon vivant, RIP Gildas mon pote).
Limited Edition on Coloured Vinyl!

Titel: A Tribute To The Mad Genius Of Lux Interior
Label: Trash Wax
Stil: Rock'n'Roll: Underground/Independent
Best-Nr.: TWLP049
Typ: LP
Preis: 29.- CHF

EL CRAMPED - A Tribute To The Mad Genius Of Lux Interior

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Saddle Up A Buzz Buzz
Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs
Ultra Twist
Walked All Night
Fissure Of Rolando

Mean Machine
Drug Train
Green Door
Rocket In My Pocket
Goo Goo Muck
Miniskirt Blues
Lonesome Town

Trash Wax
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