Legendary Australian rock band the Saints originally released King of the Sun in 2012 as a double-disc featuring latter-day greatest hits on the second CD. The 2014 re-release of King of the Sun is also a double disc, but this time disc two is a no-frills take on the more baroque King of the Sun. As with many long-running bands, The Saints sound has grown more refined in later years, and King of the Midnight Sun aims to recapture the grittiness of early Saints songs like (I'm) Stranded. Of course, with founding members Ivor Hay and Ed Kuepper no longer in the band and Chris Bailey being the sole remaining original member, King of the Midnight Sun doesn't quite deliver. Taken on its own or compared and contrasted with one another, both albums stand as adequate rock records.
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Titel: King Of The Sun / King Of The Midnight Sun
Label: Fire
Stil: Punk: 70's
Best-Nr.: FIRECD390
Typ: Doppel-CD
Preis: 15.- CHF

SAINTS - King Of The Sun / King Of The Midnight Sun

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King Of The Sun

1-1 King Of The Sun
1-2 A Million Miles Away
1-3 Sweet Chariot
1-4 Turn
1-5 Mystified
1-6 Duty
1-7 Road To Oblivion Part 2
1-8 All That's On My Mind
1-9 Craters On The Moon
1-10 Mini Mantra Part 1
1-11 Adventures In The Dark Arts Of Watermelonery

King Of The Midnight Sun

2-1 King Of The Sun (Midnight Session)
2-2 A Million Miles Away (Midnight Session)
2-3 Sweet Chariot (Midnight Session)
2-4 Turn (Midnight Session)
2-5 Mystified (Midnight Session)
2-6 Duty (Midnight Session)
2-7 Road To Oblivion Part 2 (Midnight Session)
2-8 All That's On My Mind (Midnight Session)
2-9 Craters On The Moon (Midnight Session)
2-10 Mini Mantra Part 1 (Midnight Session)
2-11 Adventures In The Dark Arts Of Watermelonery (Midnight Session)

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