On their debut full-length "Mśnad", Swiss post doomers E-L-R offer a new perspective on panoramic musical vistas. Bassist I.R. and guitarist S.M., both of whom are singing, and drummer M.K. concoct an atmospheric, heavy and heady brew that sounds familiar and fresh at once. Deeply rooted in their environment as individuals, E-L-R share a shamanist quality and acute spiritual awareness with Our Survival Depends On Us from Austria or Finnish folkists Hexvessel. According to I.R.,. their "music is very visceral. We want the listener to delve into our sphere and become entranced in order to feel our energy. It developed in close collaboration during long nights that we also used to write down stories of our own. In this way, we were able to define and carry through our vision."

Gold vinyl edition limited to 200 copies worldwide.
LP (180g heavy vinyl, special vinyl mastering) incl. padded inner sleeve, insert and protection sleeve.
Das letzte Exemplar, wir liefern solange Vorrat! The last copie!

Titel: Mśnad
Stil: Swiss 2000 - Up to now
Best-Nr.: PRO-285-LPG
Typ: LP
Preis: 38.- CHF

E-L-R - Mśnad

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A1 Glancing Limbs 8:48
A2 Devotee 5:42
A3 Above The Mountains There Is Light 10:10

B1 Ambrosia 6:16
B2 Lunar Nights 7:39
B3 The Wild Shore 8:43

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