"Sindbad" get's released as halfspeed mastered LP including 20 songs. While the titletrack is a disco song with vocals by German Disco project "Honey B" the other 19 songs are completely instrumental. A mixture of space disco, ambient and oriental synth songs. As Captain Future this is a Japanese anime soundtrack and TV series which opened as one of the first the minds of people in Europe for Japanese animation series.

- 1 x LP album (colored vinyl)
- 1 x poster
- 1 x art print
- All colored vinyl
- private audio download

The colored edition of the Sindbad soundtrack is a red vinyl edition. Manufactured by Pallas, in our opinion the best German pressing plant. So even the vinyl is colored you don't have to mind about the audio quality - it's going to be great!

Titel: Electrified
Label: Private Records
Stil: Soundtracks
Best-Nr.: 369.058-C
Typ: LP
Preis: 55.- CHF


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Side 1:
Sindbad (title song) (1:39)
Sindbad (theme song) (1:31)
Orientalisches Interlude (1:09)
Die Karawane (1:26)
Es Sieht Schlimm Aus - Katastrophe (2:16)
Auf dem Markt (1:19)
Orientalisches Interlude 2.30
In der Kasbah (1:10)
Arabisches Märchen (1:02)
So Traurig..? (1:28)

Side 2:
Die Hexe (1:21)
Idylle - Schöne Landschaft (1:44)
Auf See Hinaus! (2:15)
Grosse Bedrohung (2:40)
Orientalisches Interlude (1:54)
Unheimliche Spannung (1:09)
Die Diamanten (1:00)
Fröhliches Palaver (2:10)
Eingeborene (1:54)
Der Blaue Fluss (0:59)

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