Album number 21 for those very talented Russians led by Oleg Fomchenkov and Co, also the last album to feature the bombshell that was Zombierella. All of the featured tracks have been remixed and remastered by Oleg himself for this release and all appear on vinyl for the first time.
12 tracks of not your usual Surf/Rockabilly crossover. Check out the warped 'Brand New Cadillac' riffs or their take on the Johnny Fortune instro classic 'Dragster'.
They take from electronica and sampling to drag their '50s and '60s influences into the present, distilling a very heady concoction indeed.
As with all Messer Chups releases, this one is limited to 500 copies.

Titel: Cocktail Draculina Vol. 2
Label: Trash Wax
Stil: Surf
Best-Nr.: TWLP016
Typ: LP
Preis: 32.- CHF

MESSER CHUPS - Cocktail Draculina Vol. 2

In den Warenkorb


The Night Of The Open Coffins
Super Megera
Inferno Image
Sperm Donor
Coffin Mobile
Monstro Crescendo

Dark Story
Tchaikovsky Beat
Transistor Boogie
Blood With Gas
Skeleton Dance

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Schallplatten - Vinyl Mal in der Nähe von St.Gallen... und Du kennst unsere Plattenabteilung noch nicht? Dann nichts wie los! In unserer neuen 50s/60s Tankstelle an der Torstrasse 20 haben wir für Dich einige tausend Scheiben zum Anfassen und Reinhören! :)
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