In the last couple of years more and more young label promotors and DJ's from all over the world discover the Swiss experimental electronic music from the late 70's to the early 80's. Most of these releases are first time out on vinyl in a limited edition for a short time. We from Klang und Kleid carry as the only source in Switzerland all of those releases as long in stock.

This 7" was released in 2013 in context with the exhibition «Die Welttraumforscher - Ein Sommer in der Wirklichkeit» and a book release with the title; Die Weltraumforscher - Lieder, Zeichen, Forschungen. ‎
Please check out the book section if you want to buy it.

Side A was recorded and released in 1987 on the tape Falsche Berge Auf Dem Weg and Side B was recorded in 2000 and first time released in 2005 on the LP 21 Weltraum-Standards.

Titel: This Could Be The Greatest Love In Town
Stil: Swisspostpunk
Best-Nr.: Traversion
Typ: 7 inch (Single)
Preis: 13.- CHF

Die Welttraumforscher - This Could Be The Greatest Love In Town

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A1 This Could Be The Greatest Love In Town 3:04 ‎

B1 Mira II 3:29 ‎

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